Cairns – Departure

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The MV ‘Trinity Bay’ is a privately owned cargo ship, which sails between Cairns and Torres Straits. Her primary purpose is to provide a vital delivery service of freight to remote communities on the Cape York Peninsula and in Torres Strait. However, she also carries up to forty passengers who can experience life on board a working cargo ship.

Norm and I took the four-day cruise from Cairns to Seisia at the tip of Cape York, departing Cairns soon after midday on Friday 20 July 2007. Our Nissan Patrol and Kimberley Kamper had previously been taken on board the ship as cargo.

During the orientation chat, we were presented with a pair of earplugs each and advised that we would definitely need them at night in particular. I was amazed the despite the noise and vibration of the engine and metallic creaking and groaning of the ship, I slept reasonably well in my little wooden bunk in Cabin 23 as we rocked and rolled through the night.

The next morning I rose early and went out onto the deck to enjoy the sunrise over the reef.

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